Student Radio on KLSN 92.9 FM

Student Radio on KLSN

As part of our mission of service to the community, KLSN provides radio airtime for programs and segments produced and recorded by students at participating local high schools. In addition, these student productions will be posted here as they become available. Find out how your high school can participate by contacting KLSN at 625-KLSN or email.

KLSN Campus Reports

student radioKLSN is starting something new! Twice a month, student radio announcers learn how to record short news reports about school events for airplay on KLSN. Under the guidance of school advisors, students gather information about sporting event schedules, PTA meetings, band booster meetings, upcoming fund-raisers, concerts, scholastic awards, and other relevant campus activities.

Working together, students write the scripts and record their radio segment on campus. Students learn how to coordinate as a news team, and to use professional recording techniques to create segments to be broadcasted on KLSN Radio. Additionally, this provides school administration with a effective (and no cost) way to disseminate information to community.

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