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High school sports on KLSN

High school sports will return to KLSN soon! Please check back later!

Q: Why did the sports programs stop?

A: We're still a new radio station. We're experiencing some growing pains and technical issues.

Q: When will sports return to KLSN?

A: Unfortunately, we can't give a firm date when sports will return to KLSN. But we're working on it! We'll let you know as soon as we do.

Q: What will you do when you return to the air?

A: Our sports team will provide play-by-play and color commentary directly from the school stadiums for football, men's and women's soccer, men's and woman's basketball, baseball, and softball. If community interest supports additional sports, those will be added, as well.

Q: Can we help?

A: Yes! KLSN is listener-supported. Pease donate what you can afford.


Volunteer Opportunity!

KLSN has opportunities for both students and adult residents interested in participating in sports reporting and announcing. Call 625-KLSN for more information.