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Program List - Still Under Construction!

The following shows are on the drawing board and are slated for production and release for 2017. Check back to this page after January 1st, 2017 when we go live on-the-air. We'll post our broadcast schedule with dates and times. Thanks for your patience and support!

Main Street Blues

R&B featuring music from local blues artists, short interviews and a live studio audience. Recorded on Saturday night for produced broadcast the following Saturday.

Voice of the Veterans

Veterans issues, news and events focusing on Contra Costa Co. Recorded, produced and hosted by veterans.

Senior Living

Issues about senior health, finances, entertainment, events, resources, care-of-the-caregivers, support, and building up the senior community.

Sports Broadcasting

Live broadcasts of high school sporting events at the six BVAL high schools, Los Medanos College and the Pittsburg Diamonds.

East County Sports Wrap-Up

Weekly news and commentary on East County sporting events for high school and college by BVAL coaches and experienced sports journalists.

Student Radio

Produced content from local high schools and Los Medanos college recording and media arts departments, and student journalism.

If you are a high school student, please have your teacher contact KLSN about including radio at your school. If you are a teacher and you want to discuss having your student's participate in student radio, please contact KLSN.

Community Round Table

Interviews with local elected representatives, government officials and public school administrators. Answer emailed listener questions and, eventually, phone calls.

Antioch This Week

Weekly news, information and updates from the City of Antioch. Hosted by Charleen Earley.

On the Delta

One-hour program focusing on fishing, boating and recreation options on the delta and along the riverfront.

A Better World

Weekly program interviewing representatives from local nonprofit organizations about their mission, services and how people can support them and get involved.

Better than Television

Arts &Review of arts, music, theater and entertainment venues all around the bay with an emphasis on local entertainment opportunities.

The David Atmore Show

A legendary tenor vocalist, who has worked with The Delfonics and The Temprees, has moved to the East County! David takes us back to a time when R & B, Pop and Soft Rock ruled the music world. (search for David Atmore on YouTube!)

The Late Night "B" Side Radio Show

Join hometown rock aficionado, and owner of Brentwood's RPM Records, Adia and friends on a musical adventure through her extensive vinyl collection on a exploration through rock album flip sides.

Rock and Roll Time Machine

Jim and Greg walk us through a history of the Bay Area's rich musical heritage and reintroduce us to some of the local talent that made their mark on rock 'n roll.

Authors & Poets

A weekly program featuring local readers reading local authors, poets, as well as favorite stories from nationally known authors. Encouraged will be participation and works by high school and college students as recommended by their instructors.

West Coast Live

A national syndicated, locally produced, 2-hour radio variety show hosted every weekend by Sedge Thomson and featuring author interviews, music, and comedy.


A weekly variety show with a focus on environmental and social responsibility produced from Boulder Colorado recorded before a live audience and featuring live musical performances, interviews with musicians, authors, and other public figures.

Local Food and Wine Tour


Gospel Music Hour

Sunday morning inspirational music.

Olde Time Radio Sunday Night

Content from the golden age of radio: Lone Ranger, Green Hornet, Mystery Theater. Produced with the California Historical Radio Society.